Cannabis may be seen by some people as a controversial plant, however, medical cannabis has been grown for many uses. Cannabis has been used as a source of fiber, oil and nutrition for thousands of years. When it comes to nutrition, cannabis seeds are the most important part of the plant, you can even get cannabis seed supplements to take advantage of the impressive health benefits of cannabis in the diet. Some of the benefits include, improving cardiovascular health, supporting brain function and improving memory, weight loss, reducing appetite, improving skin health and increasing the healing process, reducing pain caused by diseases, among others.

The person behind this great project is Rod Zakostelsky, entrepreneur and creator of the idea in 2015 that today is a reality. Cannaponics Ltd. is an Australian medical cannabis company located in Collie, Western Australia; is a vertically integrated company, powered by “circular economy” renewable hydrogen solar energy, licensed for cultivation, manufacturing and research. This includes medical cannabis cultivation, drying, extraction in line with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which is a system to ensure that products are manufactured and controlled consistently in accordance with quality standards and regulatory guidelines.

Cannaponics Ltd. owns a 160-acre property in Collie, WA, with developments including a greenhouse, main office and a 10,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Cannaponics has secured $2 million in backing from the state government, representing the largest government grant ever awarded to a cannabis company in Australia. Cannaponics aims to be the first carbon-neutral cannabis company, with off-grid power provided by an on-site solar farm. Cannaponics is developing a suitable delivery technology to improve the absorption profiles of locally manufactured cannabis medicines.

Olimpia Hakala, Business Development Manager at Cannaponics tells us that “Cannaponics’ goal is to become the leading producer of the best quality medical cannabis products on the market with a diverse selection of products and services. Our goal is to also operate with 100% renewable energy. This involves the use of a solar panel to harness solar energy, hydrogen electric power and water harvesting technology.” Likewise, she points out that the philosophy of the company is “people, planet, profits” through Cannaponics products it seeks to improve people’s lives by promoting social equity for a cleaner planet and allowing profits to generate and evoke emotions to change the future.

Cannaponics Ltd. will grow medical cannabis under the World Health Organization (WHO) quality framework for Good Agricultural and Harvesting Practices (GACP) for medicinal plants.

Watch the video below to learn what the vision is for Cannaponics in the near future and investment opportunities.




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